What's that Pandora all about?

A box, just for you and for your friends. And for fun

In this project, we tried to come up with an innovative and entertaining game portal for people who wants to increase the communication in real life.

It seems that one of the most important issues is the dependency on computers and mobile phones while playing multiplayer games and lack of interaction among people due to that..


Pandora has no boundaries!

It doesn't matter where you are. Just bring your Pandora with you

As long as you have your Pandora and your friends with you, you can play the games whenever you are! Just put it on the table and unleash the fun!


Get together with your friends!

Pandora is an amazing tool to having fun with friends

We design the Pandora as a small box that brings people together in any place and as the interface between players via their phones to track the games’ progress. The Pandora will help players to communicate face-to-face while they play games.


You don't need internet connection, you don't even need an App!

Pandora is designed so nicely that, all you need is your friends and your phone.

Forget about internet requirements, forget about storage requirements. As long as you have a phone with browser, you are good to go!


Pandora has great capabilities

Experience having fun like you never experienced before!

Get together with your friends!

Call your friends to your place, or maybe even call some strangers to break the ice!

Play different types, explore yourself!

There are plenty of games in Pandora, don't stuck in one genre. Explore more!

Save it, continue later!

Don't worry if you have an urgent job to do in the middle of game. Just save it! You can continue with your friends later.

Go to store, get more!

You want to play more games? Then just go to Pandora's store, purchase new games designed just for you!

Don't worry about battery!

Pandora is not like other game consoles. Just charge it, and play with its long lasting battery!

Update it

Don't hesitate to update your box when there is new update available. Our dedicated team is always working for new improvements.


We are not open-source but we are trying to be as transparent as possible! You can see our reports.